Galvanized Steel Flat Panel Skylight  

Enhance your indoor spaces with the warmth and joy of natural light with BA-UL-SKY Galvanized Steel Flat Panel Skylight by Best Access Doors! This skylight floods your spaces with ample natural sunlight thanks to its flat panel design that ensures maximum and evenly distributed exposure, reducing the need for artificial lighting and associated energy costs. Beyond aesthetics, BA-UL-SKY prioritizes safety, providing protection for building occupants during emergencies with its UL-listed fusible link, enabling automatic opening and venting in the event of a fire. Its 16-gauge galvanized steel construction boasts exceptional durability and damage resistance, reinforced by an extruded aluminum frame on the cover for added anti-corrosive properties. Rest assured, BA-UL-SKY remains undeterred by hail, impact damage, tampering, or vandalism.

Take a Closer Look at BA-UL-SKY!  

  • Rugged and durable galvanized composition, perfect for outdoor performance
  • Light admitting flat cover with 1/8" polycarbonate in outer and inner dome to maximize sunlight
  • Less cleaning and maintenance required with flat cover and glazing
  • Weatherproofed with polyurethane foam gaskets adhered to the entire perimeter of the curb
  • Lift-assisted and automatically locking cover doors for ensured performance and ventilation
  • The UL-listed fusible link that is guaranteed to activate at temperatures over 90 degrees
  • Zinc-plated steel hardware for better durability

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