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This BA-GSV-DL Double Leaf Galvanized Smoke Vent is manufactured from 16 gauge cold rolled steel and equipped with a hidden pin hinge. A continuous piano type is provided on doors over 24" in height or width to prevent sagging and warping of the panel itself.

The BA-GSV-DL Double Leaf Galvanized Smoke Vent has an aluminum door and frame that features stainless steel hinges and hardware. The door is a 1/4” aluminum diamond plate reinforced which can handle up to 300 lbs./sq. ft. It has an angle frame with an integral 1” anchor flange. The BA-GSV-DL features tamper proof stainless-steel bolts and nuts. There is an optional bituminous coating that can be applied to the exterior frame. 

On top of its various features, this BA-GSV-DL model can contribute directly to a project's ability to achieve LEED certification in new construction and major renovations, schools, and commercial interiors. It is an aluminum door and frame with stainless steel hinge and hardware. 

The model carries other customizable options! From key operated cam latch to mortise deadbolt lock (with or without the cylinder), the BA-GSV-DL locking/latching mechanism is comparable to none other. We also offer ring/tool key operated slam latch and slide latches for easier access and passing. 

We offer all standard sizes for your commercial, industrial, and residential project needs and are ready to ship within 5 business days! 

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