BA-ALRF-LA Roof Hatch- Aluminum  

Most buildings require a reliable roof hatch that is sturdy, lightweight, and can withstand weather conditions. You can find all these benefits in Best Access Doors' BA-ALRF-LA. The Ladder Access Roof Hatch - Aluminum, the BA-ALRF-LA model, offers a quick and easy solution for your access needs!

This roof hatch is one of the building contractors' favorites due to its durability, security, and ease of installation.

The access panel's futuristic electric actuator feature allows you to close and open the access door remotely, available on both the small ladder access hatches and larger equipment hatches.

The BA-ALRF-LA Ladder Access Roof Hatch - Aluminum has an uncomplicated design that allows you to quickly install the access door without using any heavy equipment. It is lightweight, and your roof's stress is minimal compared to steel-made roof hatches. You will also exert minimal effort in opening and closing the access door since they are lightweight.

Best Access Doors offers different options that you can select. Some selections include ring or tool key-operated slam latches to incomparable mortise deadbolt locks. You also have opportunities to customize the access doors' safety.

It uses a 16 gauge cold rolled steel and a hidden pin hinge. Best Access doors also offer a continuous piano type for access doors over 24" in height or width for the panel does not sag and warp.

This model can contribute directly to a project's ability to achieve LEED certification in new construction, significant renovations, schools, and commercial interiors.

Why Choose BA-ALRF-LA?  

  • Compliance
  • Durability
  • Security 
  • Installation
  • Innovative Design

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