BA-AP-5010 Recessed Access Door for Acoustical Plaster Walls and Ceilings 

Maintaining a specific aesthetic and acoustic integrity is crucial in spaces like recording studios, theaters, and concert halls. Even small sound leaks from traditional access doors can disrupt the listening experience. The BA-AP-5010 is a discreet access door designed to maintain sound quality, preserve aesthetics, and function in various settings. Its design minimizes sound leakage, ensuring optimal acoustics and a pure listening environment.  

The BA-AP-5010 is a concealed access solution for acoustic plaster walls and ceilings, offering functionality and aesthetics. Its discreet design minimizes visual presence and sound leakage, blending seamlessly with the surrounding surface. Made from durable steel with a corrosion-resistant finish, it opens and closes smoothly with a concealed hinge and standard flush-mounted latch.  

Optional upgrades provide added security, ensuring a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.  

Why Should You Use the BA-AP-5010? 

  • Minimize Sound Leakage: Ensures flawless sound quality for pristine acoustics in recording studios, theaters, concert halls, and other critical listening environments, creating an immersive experience for performers and audiences.  
  • Seamless Integration: Maintains uninterrupted aesthetics—perfect for art galleries, museums, luxury residences, and conference rooms. The BA-AP-5010's recessed design with self-furling lath creates a smooth, inconspicuous finish that seamlessly integrates with surrounding plaster, eliminating visual distractions.  
  • Discreet Functionality: Provides hidden access points (electrical panels, HVAC, utilities, security systems) in various settings (libraries, schools) without disrupting the visual appeal or peaceful environment.  
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Constructed from steel with a corrosion-resistant finish, the BA-AP-5010 ensures long-lasting performance and can withstand demanding environments.  
  • Easy to Use and Secure: Quiet operation with a concealed hinge, standard flush latch, and optional lock upgrades for enhanced security.  

Elevate your project to new heights of acoustic perfection and visual appeal with the BA-AP-5010. This innovative access door integrates with acoustic plaster walls and ceilings, ensuring pristine sound quality and a flawless aesthetic.  

Whether you're designing a world-class recording studio, a breathtaking art gallery, or a prestigious conference room, the BA-AP-5010 provides the perfect balance of functionality and discretion.  

Don't compromise—choose BA-AP-5010 for seamless access and unparalleled acoustic performance. Connect with us to request a quote, or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.