Fixed Flat Roof Deck-Mount Skylight  

Ensure healthy and adequate sunlight without compromising energy efficiency with BA-DXF Fixed Flat Roof Deck-Mount Skylight! BA-DXF by Best Access Doors is the perfect addition to modern residential, office, and commercial buildings. Its sleek, low-profile design fits roof pitches ranging from 2 to 15 degrees, with an aesthetic low-profile design. With triple-reinforced glass panes, BA-DXF offers superior shatter and impact resistance with a non-opening door so you can maintain a bright and well-lit environment without lifting a finger!

Why Choose BA-DXF?  

  • Ideal for low-pitched roofs with a slope of 2 to 15 degrees
  • 16% more glazed surface area than standard models ensuring more sunlight exposure
  • Impact-resistant and anti-burglary panel glazing
  • Non-opening design for enhanced safety and security
  • Multi-chamber PVC construction for less combustibility in the event of a fire
  • Superior soundproofing with a sound resistance rating of up to 36 dB
  • Adaptable to green roofs with the addition of a 6" mount

Note: The green roof mount does not come standard; please contact our team to request  

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