Premium Fixed Curb-Mount Skylight Laminated Glass  

Are you looking to experience the benefits of natural lighting but are roadblocked by moisture, condensation, or water contaminating your rooftop structures? Bound over these roadblocks with BA-FXC-L by Best Access Doors! This skylight maximizes natural light and warmth, providing leak-free and long-lasting installation.

Its modern design features a flat surface for maximum sunlight exposure, a non-opening fixed PVC profile, and drainage sources to whisk away condensation, moisture, and water. The skylight suits various flashing and roof types with superior insulation and UV filtering, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of natural lighting with complete peace of mind.

Benefit From Brighter, More Enjoyable Spaces!  

  • Flat surface design for maximum sunlight exposure
  • Moisture collection and drainage capabilities
  • Easy, leak-free installation with overlapping PVC frame
  • Non-opening design for added security
  • UV filtering panel glazing
  • Dual-layered laminate, Argon-filled glass panels for exceptional durability with added acoustic insulation
  • EL-C step or EH-C high-profile flashing options available
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