BA-AW-APS Flood/Gas/Odor Resistant Diamond Plate Floor Door 

What is a flood-tight access panel? Flood-tight floor access doors are used for interior and exterior applications where water may rise above the surface opening. The BA-AW-APS Flood/Gas/Odor Resistant Diamond Plate Floor Door from Best Access Doors is the perfect choice for interior and exterior applications requiring a flood-tight, gas-tight, and odor-resistant solution. With angle frame construction, this flood-tight floor panel with a 3/8" aluminum frame with 3/16" x 1 1/2" strap anchors welded around the frame is designed to be cast-in-concrete. The ¼” aluminum diamond-plate door panel is reinforced for a live load of 1560 pounds/sq. ft. (hydrostatically tested for holding up to 25 ft. head of water for up to 10 minutes – downward pressure only). The panel overlaps the frame, compressing the 9/16” O.D. x 1/8” I.D. EPDM gasket. It has watertight cam locks and a flush, watertight handle, ensuring the door will not leak from standing water, reducing the escape of gas and odor, for a flood/gastight fit. With type 316 stainless steel hinges and hardware BA-AW-APS is corrosion-resistant and includes stainless steel but hinges and tamperproof nuts and bolts.

The automatic hold-open arm with red vinyl grip allows the BA-AW-APS floor door to open to 90 degrees, locking the door in the open position and allowing for easy control when closing the door panel.

Ask us about options for lift assist and a bituminous coating optional on the exterior of the frame.

BA-AW-APS comes in a range of sizes. Call us if you have a custom request – we’re happy to help!