H20 Loading Floor Door – Single Leaf 

Introducing BA-FA-H20-SL H20 Loading Floor Door – Single Leaf by Best Access Doors. This heavy-duty access solution is a game-changer, carefully crafted to provide secure access in zones with light vehicle traffic. This heavy-gauge aluminum floor hatch is designed for interior and exterior applications where weather tightness is not necessary, spanning from busy parking garages and bustling loading docks to the core of industrial facilities and expansive warehouses. 

It's not just about access; it's about durability that matters. Built to meet rigorous AASHTO-certified standards, BA-FA-H20-SL is a heavyweight suited for indoor or outdoor performance. With a 16,000-pound wheel live-load rating, this powerhouse easily withstands all forms of traffic while providing hassle-free access with lift-assisted openings to 90 degrees.

The inclusion of ¼" aluminum tread plating enhances your footing, creating a safer work environment. BA-FA-H20-SL is a single-leaf model, ranging in dimensions from 24" x 24" up to and including 42" x 42". Double-leaf models range between 48" x 48" and up.

Why Choose BA-FA-H20-SL?  

  • Diamond tread plated cover for secure footing and enhanced safety
  • User-friendly design with lift-assisted access to underground spaces
  • Streamlined installations with 1" integral anchor flanges
  • H20 load-ready cover door
  • Highly durable and dependable aluminum construction
  • Removable exterior handle to maintain a flush fit

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