BA-GFRC-R Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Radius Corner Access Panel for Exterior Ceilings  

Introducing the BA-GFRC-R Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Radius Corner Access Panel by Best Access Doors - the perfect alternative to galvanized steel and aluminum options. BA-GFRC-R allows easier and more convenient access with an innovative gravity-operated access door and streamlined installations.

These discreet access panels are easy to install and provide a seamless finish that blends in with your existing drywall, making them an aesthetically pleasing choice. This low-profile, flush ceiling access panel boasts a beautiful blend of materials for a tough and rugged unit ideally suited for external ceiling and soffit applications.

Why Include BA-GFRC-R?  

  • Low-Profile Design: BA-GFRC-R has an outer shell frame that measures a mere 0.25."
  • Removable Panel Door: You can easily remove this model's panel door, which is easily replaceable.
  • Simple, Clean, Professional: This recessed access door is ideally suited for drywall applications.
  • Featherlight: BA-GFRC-R is lightweight and easy to install.
  • Environmentally Friendly: BA-GFRC-R post-consumer recycled glass

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