Steel Drainage Floor Door – H20 Loading – Double Leaf  

Introducing BA-JD-H20 Steel Drainage Floor Door – H20 Loading – Double Leaf, your ultimate solution for seamless access to vital utilities beneath floors and between levels. Crafted by Best Access Doors, this remarkable double-leaf steel floor hatch combines robust durability with unbeatable value, serving as your trusty companion for indoor and outdoor applications.

Unlocking convenience has never been easier with this user-friendly design. Enclosed compression springs provide effortless lift assistance, while automatic hold-open arms ensure smooth, one-handed operation. Say goodbye to the struggle of accessing essential spaces! The BA-JD-H20 model steps up your building's safety profile with a diamond-patterned tread plate that adds unmatched strength, reinforcing it to bear an H-20 live load. That's resilience you can rely on, making it essential for bustling work sites that demand intelligent space management.

Get to Know BA-JD-H20 

  • 1-½" drainage coupling welded to frame to prevent water accumulation
  • Diamond tread plating for assured footing and enhanced safety
  • Reinforced cover with an H-20 live load capacity (16,000 pounds) 
  • Double leaf design for more clearance space 
  • Highly durable and anti-corrosive 1/4" steel frame and cover
  • Two-way access with removable exterior handle to maintain a flush fit in floor 

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