Hinged Recessed Floor Hatch for 1” Ceramic Tile 


  • Virtually invisible access point 
  • Seamless floor integration 
  • Warp-resistant stainless-steel hinges 
  • Easy and controlled opening 
  • Durable aluminum and stainless steel 

Create seamless and invisible access points with the Best Access Doors BA-HFRT-1 Hinged Recessed Floor Hatch. This floor panel is designed to be recessed 1" for ceramic tile and concrete flooring installations, ensuring a smooth and flush finish that seamlessly blends with your interior. 

Benefits for Commercial Use: 

Invisibility: The BA-HFRT-1 is built with a 1" recess, providing a perfect fit for ceramic tile and concrete floors. This design creates a virtually invisible access point, preserving the aesthetics of your commercial space. 

Flexibility: Whether you need an access solution for interior or exterior applications, the BA-HFRT-1 is highly versatile and suitable for various environments. 

Durability: The floor panel features smooth aluminum plate doors and an aluminum frame, ensuring long-lasting performance even under heavy traffic. 

Warp-Resistant: Equipped with stainless steel hinges, the door panels are protected from warping, maintaining smooth operation over time. 

Easy Opening Mechanism: The BA-HFRT-1 comes with an Automatic Hold-Open Arm with a red vinyl grip, allowing the door panel to open to 90 degrees and lock in the open position. Stainless Steel Open Compression Springs provide lift assist, making opening and closing the door easy. 

Secure Closure: The stainless-steel slam lock with a fixed inside handle, removable outside handle, and removable threaded plug ensures a secure closure when the panel is shut. 

Aesthetically Pleasing: With a mill finish and a bituminous coating applied to the frame's exterior, the BA-HFRT-1 adds to the overall aesthetics of your commercial space. 

Experience the toughness and aesthetics of the Best Access Doors BA-HFRT-1 Hinged Recessed Floor Hatch. Whether for commercial buildings, retail spaces, or any other location requiring a seamless floor panel, this model stands out as the perfect choice. It ensures easy access without compromising the elegance of your space, making it an indispensable addition to your commercial setup. 

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