BA-PAC Removable Plastic Access Door for Drywall

What is a plastic access door? A plastic access door is an economical, lightweight panel used as an alternative to heavier metal doors, designed to conceal unsightly pipes and electrical wires from view while providing convenient access for maintenance and repairs. BA-PAC from Best Access Doors is a Flush Universal Removable Plastic Access Door for Drywall ideal for flush or surface mounting on walls and ceilings. Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic, this access panel has enhanced UV stabilizers and features a reversible frame that’s easy to install with adhesive caulking along the inner edge. The snap friction latch between the door and frame allows easy detachment and removal. 

BA-PAC Plastic Access Door for Drywall is highly versatile and can be used throughout your commercial building. If you’re looking for a convenient, economical choice that’s lightweight and easy to install, order BA-PAC in your choice of sizes. 

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