R-50 Insulated Attic Access Door 
Insulated attic access doors such as BA-ATCR50 by Best Access Doors provide secure access to storage space in attics while providing excellent insulation to single or multi-family dwellings and commercial spaces.

Why Invest in BA-ATCR50 

  • Our attic access hatches are better insulated with an R-rating of 50 to prevent draft airflow. 
  • Increased Energy Efficiency, Reduced Bills 
  • Featherlight Construction 
  • Better Insulated with fire-resistant gasketing 
  • Increased Comfort by minimizing the diffusion of draft airflow and debris
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain 
  • LEED V4 Compliance 
  • Certified in 50 States for Energy Star bypass requirements 

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