BA-5XPA-3000 Flush Plastic Access Panel – 5 Pack

BA-5XPA-3000 Flush Plastic Access Panel – 5 Pack, by Best Access Doors, is a lightweight and economical alternative to aluminum and stainless-steel options. This plastic access door is highly practical, easy to install, and provides access to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC building components.

BA-5XPA-3000 provides 5 times the value, with 5 individual units comprising one value pack, to eliminate wait times, delays, and other inconveniences that may slow down your productivity. Our BA-5XPA-3000 features a highly durable concealed hinge, making it perfect for high-frequency inspection zones. 

With a UV-stabilized white primer finish, its low profile and straightforward design make it an aesthetically pleasing option that can blend seamlessly with various surfaces. The BA-5XPA-3000 is an ideal solution for commercial and office spaces and makes a great RV access panel. Access Doors and Panels offer you BA-5XPA-3000, tremendous value at an affordable price point! 

Take a Closer Look at BA-5XPA-3000! 

  • Durable Plastic Construction: BA-5XPA-3000 comprises UV-stabilized styrene plastic that is impact-resistant.
  • Featherlight Handling: BA-5XPA-3000's plastic construction makes it lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Removable Panel Door: BA-5XPA-3000 features a panel door, detachable by concealed hinges.
  • Perfect Concealment: This model's ¾" frame is the ideal accessory for crudely cut fittings. When installed, BA-5XPA-3000 boasts a flush finish.
  • Installs Within Minutes: BA-5XPA-3000 streamlines your workflow with simple installations. No tools are necessary!

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