Are you in the market for a high-grade, top-of-the-line access panel that is safe and reliable? Then look no further because, at Best Access Doors, we have the best-selling BA-RAL-12 Recessed ½" Aluminum Access Door with Hidden Flange! The BA-RAL-12 offers a practical and reliable access solution for your commercial building. It's the top choice for access panels in the North American industry!     

Customers adore the BA-RAL-12 because of its beautiful and valuable features; this access door has a push latch locking mechanism and a free pivot hinge for your convenience. This access door's gasket restricts any air and smoke infiltration.   

The BA-RAL-12 has a beautiful extruded mill finish aluminum on the frame and a 1/2″ drywall insert, giving you no hassle when it comes to corrosion and installation to drywall. Experience the best form of aesthetics and longevity with the BA-RAL-12!     

Why Install the BA-RAL-12:      

  • Made to your specification      
  • 1/2″ drywall insert     
  • Anti-Corrosive     
  • Variety of options     

Need an Access Door?       

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