BA-FRI-HS is our fire-rated insulated access door recommended for installation in fire-rated walls and ceilings with a full two inches of thick mineral wool. It is quick and easy to install and features a one-inch flange that is ideal for easy installation on any surface.

The BA-FRI-HS is one of our most-trusted fire-rated fire-safety standard-compliant access panels that add fire-safety features to your building.

It provides quick and easy installation on fire-rated walls and ceilings for hassle-free maintenance while safely and securely protecting building components according to code.

Its 16-gauge cold rolled steel frame, and a 20-gauge galvannealed steel door with 2 inches of mineral wool for insulation make it sturdier than other access doors and panels.

The solid steel construction adds sturdiness and durability to the access doors to help protect your building's vital components. This component includes but is not limited to gas lines, electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning by helping contain the fire for a specific period, giving the firefighters additional time to arrive on the scene.

Why Choose BA-FRI-HS? 

  • Compliance 
  • Installation
  • Durability

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