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General Purpose Access Doors with Flange

General Purpose Access Doors with Flange

Posted by Best Access Doors on 22nd Sep 2017

General Purpose Access Doors with Flange

If you're looking for an all-around access panel that you can ideally use for either wall or ceiling, then the BA-AHD GENERAL PURPOSE ACCESS DOOR is the perfect access door for your next renovation. You can use this in vast choices than other specific access doors. Whether you are looking for something to conceal an eyesore protrusion, a water shut-off valve, or keeping people away from a potential danger zone, a General Purpose Access Door is the quality product you need for this job. Other examples also include an electrical switch box or even to protect a water line unit.

The BA-AHD is a quick and easy installation process into any non-rated horizontal or vertical surface. The General Purpose Access Door is also very versatile, for it can fit into common materials, such as drywall, wood, brick surfaces, and many more.

When it comes to size preferences, you will always find your ideal size range! We offer sizes as small as 6" x 6" to as big as 36" x 36. But, always make sure you deliberate and get your measurements correctly before placing an order to avoid hassle and waste of time by sending the door back for a quick change.

The flange mechanism ensures a tight and secure fit into the desired space created. A flange can differ in diameter, and a deeper flange makes the access door more durable. Make sure to check which flange size would suit your particular project.

General Purpose Access Door Key Features

The General Purpose Access Door with Flange possesses many unique vital features that make it a trendy choice in the market. Check these features out, and you will surely be delighted to see the result once installed.

  • The mitered corners are rounded and have a concealed pin-hinge for a more secure and sturdy door. Many people consider this to be the sturdiest door in the market.
  • To prevent sagging, the AHD is necessary, as opposed to flat-door panels, and in addition, they require fewer locks.
  • The screwdriver cam latch is easy to operate, with a simple insert and turn mechanism.
  • The white powder-coat finish from DuPont has shown a durable and long-lasting effect, one which you will appreciate in years to come.
  • Each door has individual packaging to protect the doors in transit and easy delivery and make uncomplicated dispersing.
  • The structure has 6-gauge cold-rolled steel, which speaks volumes about its strength and durability.

Steps in Installing the BA-AHD General Purpose Access Door to Drywall

The installation process of BA-AHD is generally an easy and quick task. But if you're having a hard time figuring out how to install this quality access door, here's a quick, easy step on installing it on a drywall surface!

Step #1

Using your pencil, mark your locations or trace the panel size onto the drywall. Draw an opening 3/8 inches more prominent than the door size while keeping a minimum adjustment of 1 1/2 inches from every surrounding stud. Always remember that accurate marking is vital in this process.

Step #2

After marking, you're now ready to cut out your drywall. Using a saw, start cutting your drywall from the edges to avoid mistakes and carefully following the markings you have traced. Gently remove the cut-out drywall and sand the edges thoroughly for a cleaner finish.

Step #3

After removing the cut-out, pass the frame through the opening and gently pull through the drywall. To put the frame into place, continue to drive self-tapping screws through the drywall and into the frame every four inches.

Step #4

Don't forget to test the door by opening and closing it to see it smoothly done. Also, check the screwdriver cam latch if it functions properly. After testing, get ready to prepare your drywall compound and place it on the edges of the frame. After applying the mixture, sand it smoothly until it matches the drywall for a smoother and cleaner finish.

Step #5

Attach the white plastic caps to cover the screw-ins for safety purposes. Once you have completed the following processes, get your paint and paintbrush ready to match your newly installed general-purpose access door!

All our doors offer the LEED certification, essential for construction projects across the USA and Canada. LEED generally means the "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design," and new builders can accumulate points, increasing their rating. The higher the rating, the more sought-after a builder will be. If you are concerned about our global green footprint and want to make a difference in this world, you will surely be happy to include this benefit.

Here are the breakdowns of the sections across the USA and Canada:


  • LEED-NC New Construction & Major Renovations
  • LEED for Schools
  • LEED-CI Commercial Interiors


  • LEED Canada-NC New Construction & Major Renovations
  • LEED Canada-CI Commercial Interiors

Excellent quality, incorporated with durability and a hint of aesthetic value; these are what Best Access Doors stand for and what it can offer. With hundreds of quality access doors to choose from, you will find the perfect access door for your next project in just a few browse and clicks. Need assistance? Contact us now at 1-800-483-0823 for more details on our products. 

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