Reasons to Install Proper Ventilation in Attics

Reasons to Install Proper Ventilation in Attics

Posted by Best Access Doors on 3rd Feb 2021

Ventilation is an essential factor for a comfortable facility as it is the intake and exhaust of the airflow system. If you wonder why most owners spend time and money on a nice attic with vents and HVAC access doors and panels, they can offer many benefits for the facility. 

They affect the temperature, humidity, and energy costs that could be a big deal for commercial buildings. Without proper ventilation, you can experience various issues and may even result in roof deterioration.

Here are other reasons why proper ventilation is essential for attics:

Helps avoid overheating in the attic

If you lack proper attic ventilation, one of the problems you might experience is the extreme heat in the area. When the air does not have enough space to move through, it will be trapped inside, resulting in heat build-up. It does not help that the sun may be directly beating down your roof. 

The heat will then transfer through the attic floor and begin to warm your building’s rooms. Your air conditioner may try to combat it, but it will only cause higher energy bills.

Extends your roof shingle lifespan

When your attic is heating up, the issue is not solely making your rooms and facilities uncomfortable, but it can also reduce the lifespan of your roof shingles. Like how the heat will transfer to the attic floor, it will again bounce back to the roof. It will cause overheating of the shingles, which will decrease their lifespan. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you have enough vents or hatches in your attic.

Maintains good condition of your wood and walls

When the overheating of your attic transfers to your attic’s wood framing, it can result in warping of your walls and door frames. It can even cause paint and wallpaper blisters, which will affect the aesthetics of your interior. It happens in numerous buildings that do not have enough vents and hatches to let the airflow better.

Prevent moisture from building up.

Many people thought that the summer season is the only time to worry about improper attic ventilation. However, trapping winter steam from your shower, kitchen, and clothes dryer on your ceiling might cause condensation. It will drip down on your insulation, which will lessen its effects on your building. 

There is also a possibility of molds and mildews growing, which can be harmful to your family’s health. Aside from that, the excess moisture due to condensation can also form on your soffits and eaves and forms ice dams, leading to leaks. It is why building owners should invest in their HVAC systems.

Reduces energy costs

In the summertime, we all want to enjoy the cool air inside the buildings, which keeps us comfortable. With enough vents in the attic, the hot air inside the facility can escape freely, which reduces the air conditioner’s time and effort to cool down the area. It can help you reduce your energy costs and save up more for your future budget.Enjoy the comfort of your building!

If you are a building owner, your top priority should be the safety and comfortability of the people residing in or occupying your facility. Have proper maintenance for your HVAC systems and ensure enough ventilation in your attic by installing roof access doors. 

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