​Hang Those Christmas Lights Without Messing up Your Roof

​Hang Those Christmas Lights Without Messing up Your Roof

Posted by Best Access Doors on 1st Dec 2023

Finally, it's December, and we're already at the end of the year! However, before we end this year, there is still one holiday that many people look forward to-- Christmas, just around the corner. It is the perfect time to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the festive decorations. 

But while this is the most joyous holiday of all, extensive preparations are required. Getting the holiday spirit means buying Christmas presents for your loved ones and friends and decorating your house or business.

One typical Christmas decoration is the use of Christmas lights. However, when it comes to hanging these lights, especially on the roof, there's a right war and a wrong way that you must bear in mind. Approximately 15,000 injuries are in reports every November and December each year-- all of which are related to exterior illumination. 

It will be a bad thing if you incur an injury while hanging Christmas lights, right? Nobody wants to celebrate their holidays in the hospital, and you certainly don't want to be the exception. Best Access Doors is here to provide a few tips on how to stay safe when hanging Christmas lights without messing up your roof.

1. Avoiding Ladder Injuries

It is extremely dangerous to be climbing giant ladders since accidents can happen if you incorrectly use a ladder. It is also the same if you manage to choose the incorrect one for the job at hand. Additionally, it is a must to have someone with you when using a ladder, just in case. Also, always use some common sense to prevent ladder injuries.

2. Use Clips Avoid Damaging The Roof

Hanging Christmas lights can be complete without having to step foot on the roof. However, this would depend on the type of house or building. Accidents can result from loose shingles or tiles, and even wet or icy conditions. The best way is to string them to shingles or gutters using plastic clips bought at local big box stores. Such clips are ideal for easy installation and easy removal of the lights. 

The good news is, there are a wide array of plastic clips specially designed for safe clipping of Christmas lights that you can find on the market. You can attach them to the gutters or the sides of the home or building. Just be sure to be careful not to pull the channels away from the house or building while you're working. 

If you aren't careful enough, this can change water flow and weaken the entire roof system. If you opt for regular plastic clips, you have to ensure that they are safe for use on all roofing parts since some aren't ideal for gutter decorations.

3. Check Your Lights First

Before hanging Christmas lights, you have to go through all of them and look for damaged bulbs or frayed wires. While it is terrible to have malfunctioning light bulbs or wires, having a fire is even worse. It can potentially happen if you don't inspect all lights both inside and outside your home or commercial building.

4. Never Put Holes in Your Roof

It is never advisable to put holes into any roof, as roofing materials should be watertight and puncturing through them using staples, nails, or tacks can compromise their integrity. Shingles can be pierced even by the smallest fasteners. Once the roof is punctured, water can infiltrate in the first rain. Roofs and holes will never go together. Consider alternative solutions, such as the BA-ALRF-LA Aluminum Roof Hatch, for safe and secure roof access without compromising the structure.

5. An Advice Before You Walk

Of course, Best Access Doors does not recommend walking on your roof. After all, this job is a task for professionals who have the right safety equipment. However, if you need to walk on your roof to hang your holiday lights, wear soft, ripping shoes, and always have a spotter on the ground to guide you. Also, prepare the lights even before you get on the roof. It will help you minimize the time that you have to spend up there. Never forget to walk on the "peaks" and not the "valleys" of the roof.

6. Extra Caution When Stepping on Shingles and Tiles

Just like what we mentioned earlier, avoid walking on your roof as much as possible. While it is dangerous to do so in the winter, it can likewise damage your roof. All it takes is one loose tile to end up on the ground and break like Humpty Dumpty. Moreover, pipes are also vulnerable to breaking easily under your feet. The best course of action that you can undertake is to avoid any cracked tiles and stepping on the roof's troughs. These can all lead to breakage.

7. Don't Step On Nails and Hammers.

Most people often think that the easiest way to hang Christmas lights is with a few nails and a trusty hammer. Unfortunately, there remains the question of whether your roofing can endure that kind of treatment. The answer is most probably not.

8. Stay Away From the Chimney

The chimney is usually pretty far from the gutters, requiring a bit of a walk. It is best to leave the fireplace without any Christmas lights if you want to protect the roofing system. However, there's no stopping you if you're going to decorate Santa's entrance, so be sure to do it carefully. Furthermore, those plastic blow-up decorations don't mix well with chimneys. Hence, be sure to place them far away if you don't want them to melt. It is also noteworthy to be cautious when placing twinkly lights around the chimney, especially when your fireplace is still functional.

9. Ditch Those Miscellaneous Décor

A plywood cutout Santa and his eight tiny reindeers might look cute on your roof, but is it perfect for the place? We don't think so. If possible, minimize the weight load of your roof. Just skip the big stuff and settle for the brightest lights that you can find. Once the season is over, don't just yank them out. Take as much care and precaution in removing the lights, just like you did when you hang them up. Be sure to be careful as well when removing the clips or fasteners.

10. Find a way around the roof

Do you know what the best advice there is? It is to be realistic-- the best way to protect your roof from getting damaged is to avoid decorating it. There are other options aside from hanging Christmas lights on your roof, such as lawn Christmas decorations that look lovely. It will also save you the issue of climbing up on the roof. But if you insist on decorating your roof with Christmas lights, then the tips above will surely help you.

Parting Words For You

The holidays are a time for relaxation. Our utmost hope is that you enjoy the holidays without having to make a trip to, or worse, stay in the hospital. Following these tips will help keep both yourself and your roof safe and sound during the Christmas season. It is also important to remember this one thing-- never go overboard! Overdecorating and overloading your roof can be more of a headache instead of bringing happiness.

Once the holiday season is over, stow away your festive decorations in a storage unit to reclaim space in your home. From towering Christmas trees to twinkling lights and delicate ornaments, self-storage offers various unit sizes to accommodate all your holiday treasures, ensuring they remain pristine and ready for next year's celebrations.

We hope that you enjoy the holidays. If you need help or supplies from Best Access Doors, never hesitate to visit products for your access doors needs!