How Architects Help During Construction

How Architects Help During Construction

Posted by Best Access Doors on 15th Jun 2020

In renovations or new construction, architects are in charge of design and project planning. However, most people don’t really know what architects do exactly-- especially when it comes to the role of architects in creating safe buildings. An architect is a professional who works hand-in-hand with other professionals such as civil engineers, professional landscapers, contractors, and many others. While architects mostly focus on the aesthetics, feel, look, and functionality of a structure, they also have technical knowledge of construction methods and structural design which are all important in building safety.

In a project, architects have several responsibilities during all stages. They are appointed by the client and also have the duty of gathering all the information and ideas that are necessary to create a functional building that meets the client’s needs and safety codes. So, to give you a better understanding of the role of architects in creating safe buildings, we compiled some of the responsibilities of an architect during a construction project.

1. Conducting Site Visits

Although it is the contractor’s responsibility to oversee his team and sub-contractors, as well as warrants that the building is built according to the legal documents, architects also make periodic site visits. Of course, the number and timing of visits conducted by the architect will depend on the size, complexity, and what happens on-site at the time. They conduct site visits to review the work. During a visit, an architect checks the construction site to see if it complies with the construction documents and to ensure the quality of the workmanship.

2. Review of Pay Applications and Changes

When we say Pay Application, it means the monthly bill that’s usually submitted by the contractor designating the completed work. An architect reviews the pay application to make sure that it is a reasonable representation of the construction progress and to ensure that the contractor is not billing ahead of what has been done.

3. Translation of Design Intent and Facing Unforeseen Issues

For an architect, perhaps the most important role that he/she has to undertake is to take all of the issues, terms, and concepts that come up during the construction process and then translate them to the owner in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Moreover, it is the duty of an architect to design a complex 3D building. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to have every possible detail and condition thought out and included in the plan, and even if the set is well-detailed, there can still be unforeseen conflicts and issues that will arise during construction. That’s why it is important for an architect to face unforeseen events and work with the contractor and sub-contractors to ensure that the project will go smoothly and produce a good outcome.

Architects also plan everything out including where the wirings, pipes, access doors, and panels will fit into the setting in a way that’s still aesthetically pleasing. They also have to work with the contractor in searching for trustworthy and reliable suppliers.

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