Different Types of Doors Installed in Commercial Buildings

Different Types of Doors Installed in Commercial Buildings

Posted by Best Access Doors on 28th Jan 2021

When entering commercial buildings, you might notice that there are different types of doors for specific purposes. These doors can do more than provide entry to the building. They provide security to other areas of the building that only gives access to specific people or personnel. Throughout the years, the design of doors has changed to keep up with the times. There are many features on modern doors that previous ones did not have, including high-security access doors like the BA-PFI-HS High-Security access door offered by Best Access Doors. This specialized access door ensures both functionality and enhanced security.

With the many doors that contractors can use for their projects, they must know what type of door they need for a specific area within the building. Installing an incorrect door can lead to many issues for the people using the facility. Here are the different types of doors installed in commercial buildings.

1. Wooden Doors

On most occasions, homeowners take advantage of wooden doors because of how great it looks on their home. However, most commercial buildings use this type of door because it perfectly fits their structure or business theme.

The majority of wooden doors are made utilizing thin wood veneer sheets wrapped around a composite core made from particleboard, pressed mineral products, or solid lumber. You can find these doors mostly installed in interior parts of the building since wood cannot withstand the harsh weather elements for a long time.

2. Steel Doors

These are the most used doors for any commercial building because of their durability, and building owners can get them in different designs. It is also mostly used because it provides the best security compared to others like the wooden doors. Contractors install these in areas of commercial buildings that need efficient protection from unauthorized people, such as server rooms and production floors.

3. Aluminum Doors with Glass

You will need this type of door if you want to have doors that look sleek and sophisticated. It’s a large glass door with aluminum that holds the entire glass, making the door look great in most offices. It’s also easy to maintain since cleaners only need to use a cleaning agent and wipe it. You can also polish the glass to make it even more transparent and cleaner.

4. Full Glass Doors

If you want to eliminate the aluminum from the doors, you can choose full glass doors. Another type of door that is heavily used in offices and inside convenience stores is a glass door. This type of door provides a clean and attractive look for any passersby who chance upon the building. The only downside is that these doors are not suitable for providing security in commercial buildings since people can easily break the glass. Professional construction companies highly advise that full glass doors be used only for decorative purposes.

5. Overhead Doors

You can find overhead doors in buildings such as warehouses, factories, and other large commercial buildings. Its appearance is almost identical to garage doors, but its purpose is different and provides better security.

Now that you know the different types of doors, you will have more options to choose which ones you will use on your construction projects. Make informed decisions and enhance your construction projects by incorporating a variety of doors. Don't forget to include access doors and panels for improved accessibility and functionality. Choose the right doors for your needs and take your projects to the next level. Start exploring your options today!