The Access Doors and panels Alternative

The Access Doors and panels Alternative

Posted by Best Access Doors on 9th Feb 2018

The Access Doors and panels Alternative

Designers, contractors and architects have the sometimes challenging task of creating a piece of work that will not only be functional but also aesthetically appealing. One of the things that a contractor will often use to get the job done is turning to the installation of an access door. Thankfully, access doors are versatile not only in their material but purpose and price point.

An access door has the ability to provide access too hard to reach areas – whether it’s the wall, floor or ceiling. On top of their functional versatility, depending on the access panel of choice, they can often be installed without the eye-sore of sticking out or creating a potential building code violation.

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At Best Access Doors, we have warehouses in both the US and Canada – as well, we have a wide array of products that is sure to meet your needs. We offer quality grade access doors for any type of project need. Unsure of the type of access door you need? Don’t worry as our knowledgeable client service representatives are available via online chat or a phone-call away.

Access Door Basics

Visit our online shop and inventory and you will find access doors that are ideal for drywall purposes to fire-rated access – for someone who is looking for a the basic of access panels, we share five access panel options you can find on-hand at Best Access Doors!

General Purpose

As the name suggests, the General Purpose Access Dooris a panel that is suitable for a multitude of purposes. It can be installed indoors and out, as well as either on a wall, ceiling or floor. For most contractors, if they are looking for an access panel that can conceal wires or maybe provide access to an area – a general purpose access door is the way to go.

Typically these access doors are steel made, with some being aluminum or even plastic. Since the general purpose access door can be used for a multitude of purposes – they often do not adhere to building codes to the same stringent requirements as a fire-resistant or soundproof panel.


When a contractor has to cut through drywall to install or affix cables and wires – the solution to fixing the gaping hole is to install a drywall access panel. The installation of an access panel still allows for access to the wires or cables that were installed while still having your wall maintain its appearance. Drywall access panels installed into the wall make them discreet and can be finished to match the existing wall. A common use for drywall access panel is the installation within a crawl space.


Also known as an acoustical tile access door that combines easy access and soundproofing. These access panels are often used in utility rooms that house HVAC systems or machinery that are loud and distracting – while still providing quick access. Soundproof access doors often are lined with insulation and depending on where they are installed, can be strategically hidden and out of the wandering eye.

Music studios often have soundproof access panels that are hidden under another layer of soundproof material – making it easy to access wires and such.


Exterior access panels are used in circumstances where the wiring and building features are on the outside as opposed to the inside. An exterior access panel typically is designed with the capabilities of withstanding the elements of Mother Nature – while also maintaining a controlled environmental climate. To prevent rust or erosion, exterior access panels are made with steel and coated with a scratch-resistant resin.

These access panels can be found recessed into the building or slightly sticking out. Since they are located outside, there are options dependent on the style of how to keep it secure – whether it’s a lock system that’s manual or automatic.

Typically an exterior access panel will be where you would find a fuse or an HVAC control or meter system.

Whether its drywall, general access or an exterior panel you are looking for, Best Access Doors has a wide range of products to suit your needs. Visit our website at and you can few access panels by type, size or get one customized for your project.