Fire Rated Access Doors and Panels

For drywall or ceiling, only the best is expected when it comes to access doors for your commercial and residential projects. We have a variety of fire rated access doors that are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified and may contribute directly to a project's ability to achieve LEED certification.

How important is LEED certification for your building as well as the products that contribute towards that certification? LEED-certified buildings and products reduce the incidence of waste, most especially that of energy and water. A LEED-certified access door is a testament to its durability, reliability, and effectiveness.

More than ever, developers and project managers are choosing to make it a point to have LEED certification for their buildings to attract tenants or customers. A steel fire-rated access door used in your construction can give any developer some peace of mind knowing that their building is up to code. Already proven to be economical and environmentally-sustainable, LEED-certified projects have the added incentive of qualifying for zoning allowances and tax rebates.

Whether it be insulated or uninsulated, flush or recessed, a fire rated access door ensures easy maintenance in a safe and secure manner. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right LEED-certified access door for masonry or plaster walls, drywalls, ceilings, and other surfaces and areas.