Double Door AcousticMAX Smoke Vent – STC 50 OITC 47 

Experience the pinnacle of safe, efficient, and reliable ventilation with BA-BSVZG-D Double Door AcousticMAX Smoke Vent – STC 50 OITC 47! When noise and building code requirements limit your options, our cutting-edge solution optimized by Best Access Doors comes to the rescue, offering the highest standard of sound attenuation and noise control alongside top-of-the-line automatic ventilation properties.

With a melting fusible link, this double-leaf smoke vent is always ready to spring into action, providing immediate ventilation and acting as a crucial point of attack for firefighters during emergencies. 
Why Choose BA-BSVZG-D? 

  • Structural support provided by a load-bearing cover up to 40psf 
  • The highest standard of acoustical dampening with an STC rating of 50 and OITC of 47 
  • Exceptional energy efficiency with mineral wool insulation 
  • EZ tabs with mounting flange for streamlined installations 
  • Alternate options for automatic opening and closing 
  • Automatic venting available with standard UL-listed fusible link 
  • Highly durable, and weatherproofed 14-gauge steel and 11-gauge aluminum construction with minimal maintenance required 
  • Double-leaf design for maximized venting area and point of attack for firefighters 

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