Roof Hatch Safety Rails 


  • Comprehensive all-sided safety coverage 
  • Self-closing gate for automatic protection 
  • Easy on-site installation 
  • Versatile sizing for various openings 
  • Durable and cost-effective solution 

BA-RGS Roof Hatch Safety Rails is the ultimate solution for ensuring workplace safety in all roof hatch applications. With a focus on top-notch features and functionality, this product is designed to address safety concerns and provide numerous benefits for anyone working with roof hatch access. 

Comprehensive Safety: The BA-RGS features a robust railing system that surrounds all sides of the roof hatch opening, providing complete safety coverage. It protects workers from accidental falls and potential hazards while accessing elevated areas. 

Self-Closing Gate: The self-closing gate with spring tension further enhances safety. After workers pass through the gate, it automatically closes, preventing any accidental entry or slips near the opening. 

Easy Installation: Installing the BA-RGS is a breeze. Its innovative design allows for on-site assembly without the need for specialized tools. This saves time and effort during setup, ensuring quick deployment of safety measures. 

Versatile Sizing: The rail width comes in various lengths, making it suitable for multiple sizes of roof hatch openings. This adaptability ensures the safety rails fit seamlessly with various configurations, providing optimal protection. 

Durable and Economical: Made from high-quality steel ASTM A36 material, the BA-RGS is built to last. It offers long-term reliability, ensuring that your investment in safety is both durable and cost-effective. 


Material: Steel ASTM A36 

Rails: Steel ASTM A36 

Joiners: Steel ASTM A36 

Rail Width: Various lengths to fit multiple sizes of openings. 

Weight: Standard rail lengths range from 8 lbs. to 11 lbs. 

Standard Finish: Safety Yellow Painted, also available in Galvanized finish. 


The BA-RGS Roof Hatch Safety Rails comply with OSHA standards, adhering to stringent safety regulations. This ensures your workplace meets safety requirements and creates a secure environment for all workers. 

Make workplace safety a top priority with the BA-RGS Roof Hatch Safety Rails. Invest in this high-quality product to create a secure, hazard-free environment for all your roof and ceiling access needs. By choosing BA-RGS, you demonstrate your commitment to employee safety and well-being while ensuring compliance with safety standards. Elevate your safety measures with BA-RGS and give your workers the peace of mind they deserve. 

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