BA-SFM Surface Mounted Panel with Flange  

What is a surface-mounted access panel? What makes it different from a recessed mount model? When something is surface mounted, it’s fixed to a surface in contrast to being set into a recess. Surface mount access panels can be installed anywhere a flat surface is available; no cutting of the inner wall or framing is required. They are ideal for surface installation on drywall, masonry, or plaster. Since no frame extends into the wall or ceiling, BA-SFM from Best Access Doors is perfect for access to odd-size openings. Simply secure the 16-gauge cold rolled steel access door to the studs and anchor through pre-drilled holes on each corner, requiring no further reinforcement.  

If you have an awkward space where you want to add an access door, we recommend our BA-SFM Surface Mounted Panel with Flange designed for installation on any flat surface in your walls or ceilings. This door features rounded safety corners and is attached with a continuous piano hinge that allows 175 degrees opening. The single-piece construction prevents sagging; the door will sit flat and blend seamlessly without compromising the design. With durable steel construction, BA-SFM has a prime coat finish ready for painting. It’s a great choice for attic or crawl space access too! The standard locking mechanism is a screwdriver-operated cam latch in cold rolled steel to match the door.

Feel free to let us know if you need a custom size or configuration. If you have questions, contact us at 1-800-483-0823 – Our Best Access Doors product experts are ready to help!