Service Stair Roof Hatch – Steel Curb & Aluminum Cover  

Unlock a world of dependable and unwavering rooftop access with the BA-L-40 Service Stair Roof Hatch – Steel Curb & Aluminum Cover, your go-to solution for stair access! Crafted with unparalleled precision, BA-L-40 redefines ease with its seamlessly integrated lift-assisted operation, empowered by robust compression springs with just one hand.

Engineered to withstand all conditions, BA-L-40's fully welded curb and weathertight seals ensure peace of mind while keeping the elements out of your spaces. And with fiberboard and fiberglass insulation, you get the best of both worlds for enhanced thermal properties with the potential for lower energy consumption!

Why Choose BA-L-40? 

  • 3-½"" flange for easy fittings and installations
  • Aesthetic, heavy-gauge steel and aluminum construction
  • Compression-assisted lifts for one-handed operation
  • 1"" thick fiberboard and fiberglass insulation for added insulation
  • Weathertight construction with EPDM gaskets
  • Structural reinforcement with 40psf bearing cover
  • Ideal as a ladder access solution

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