BA-F2DL 2-Hour Fire-Rated Laundry Chute Access Doors for Walls 

Are you looking to cut labor costs and reduce wear-and-tear on elevators in your upscale hotels, vacation rentals, hospitals, and prisons? Would you like to improve efficiency and add convenience? Then look no further than Best Access Doors BA-F2DL 2-Hour Fire-Rated Laundry Chute Access Doors for walls!

You can speed up daily routines for staff handling large quantities of soiled linens, towels, tablecloths, and other laundry by providing convenient access points to laundry chutes on every floor of your building. Your staff saves time by not needing to transport large loads of laundry on the elevators to the laundry facilities. 

Also, if a fire breaks out, the fire-rated access door helps to slow the spread of fire and smoke for a limited time. It's made from sturdy stainless steel and is listed and labeled by Intertek Warnock Hersey and complies with NFPA 80. Outfit your model with a T-handle or a key-operated lock in cases where controlled access is preferred. Don't forget, you can also use this model as a garbage chute access panel which saves so much time for your maintenance crew! 

Reasons to Include BA-F2DL  

  • Designed primarily as a laundry chute access door or for garbage disposal units 
  • Provides convenient access to laundry facilities from every floor
  • Reduces time spent transporting soiled linens
  • Lessens reliance and wear-and-tear on elevators 
  • It boasts a 2-hour fire rating
  • Provides greater savings with reduced labor costs
  • Highly durable with a rust-inhibitive white prime coat or stainless-steel finish 

Let us know if you need a custom size! Remember that the minimum size is 16" x 16" to a maximum of 30" x 30". You can use our laundry chute access doors from Best Access Doors in industrial, commercial, and residential projects. If you have questions, call (888) 585-9610; our product experts will gladly help!

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