Vent Fan Coil Door 

BA-VFCD Vent Fan Coil Door by Best Access Doors is a must-have companion for HVAC technicians! With its innovative features and sturdy construction, this door ensures seamless access to vital HVAC components, allowing for hassle-free maintenance and optimal air circulation. This oversized access door's design provides uninterrupted access and a clear view for technicians.

Crafted with high-quality cold-rolled steel, the BA-VFCD offers exceptional durability and low maintenance, ensuring consistent access to HVAC systems. Its flanged frame enables easy installation over rough openings, streamlining the setup process. BA-VFCD's grooved outer frame allows for effortless filter replacements, ensuring optimal airflow.

Why Choose BA-VFCD?  

  • Durable 18-gauge cold-rolled steel construction for long-lasting durability
  • Flush mount finish for a seamless professional installation
  • Removable panel door for a wider field of view and full access
  • Louvered bottom door panel and air filter brackets to house filter replacements
  • Aesthetic mitered edges for a modern and aesthetic design
  • Secure closure with reliable self-locking and self-latching mechanism
  • Optimized airflow with dampened sound for ensured comfort

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