BA-ALR-58 Recessed 5/8" Aluminum Access Door with Hidden Flange  

Access panels in commercial buildings are essential for maintaining functionality, safety, and a professional image. They are crucial for complex utilities like electrical wiring, plumbing lines, HVAC systems, and fire safety equipment, ensuring quick access for maintenance and repairs. The BA-ALR-58 Recessed 5/8" Aluminum Access Door with Hidden Flange balances functionality with aesthetics and promotes a professional environment, saving time and resources.  

The BA-ALR-58 is a high-quality, discreet access panel made of durable aluminum, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It features a recessed design and concealed flange edges for a clean finish. Accessible with a push latch and free pivot hinge, it comes in standard sizes or customizable options. It offers security features like a concealed push latch and additional lock options, maintaining a clean aesthetic and protecting critical building components and wiring.  

Why Should You Use the BA-ALR-58? 

  • Seamless Integration: The BA-ALR-58 seamlessly integrates into walls and ceilings, offering a flush finish that enhances the overall aesthetics of your commercial space.  
  • Durability and Protection: Crafted from durable extruded mill finish aluminum, this access door provides exceptional protection against wear and tear, as well as air and smoke infiltration, ensuring a safe and secure environment.  
  • Easy Access: Featuring a concealed push latch locking mechanism and a free pivot hinge, the BA-ALR-58 offers quick and hassle-free access to critical building components, saving time and effort for authorized personnel.  
  • Customizable Options: With customizable sizes and specifications available upon request, you can tailor the BA-ALR-58 to meet your project's unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit every time.  
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Designed with extra care to hide fasteners and maintain a flush finish, the BA-ALR-58 elevates the interior design aesthetics of your commercial space while remaining easy to clean and maintain.  

The BA-ALR-58 sets a new standard for excellence in access solutions for commercial building projects. Its seamless integration, durability, ease of access, customizable options, and enhanced aesthetics offer unparalleled benefits for any project.  

Elevate your access solutions with the BA-ALR-58 and experience the perfect blend of functionality, reliability, and aesthetics. Connect with us to request a quote or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.