Electric Vented Deck-Mount Skylight - Laminated Glass  

Enhance your occupant's well-being by adding BA-FVE-L Electric Vented Deck-Mount Skylight - Laminated Glass, a state-of-the-art solution for enjoyable indoor living spaces. BA-FVE-L allows automated ventilation with a convenient remote control with rain sensors for automatic closing in the event of rain.

With durable laminated glass, BA-FVE-L offers tremendous resistance to tampering, vandalism, and breakages for ensured peace of mind. Dual-layered argon-filled glazing provides excellent thermal resistance, ensuring your heating and cooling systems are not over-tasked while you enjoy a comfortable temperature. And with Low emissions, UV ray reflective glass, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of sunray exposure without any associated risks!

Discover Pure Bliss with BA-FVE-L!  

  • Automatic, remote-controlled ventilation for maximum convenience
  • Tempered glass glazing for excellent resistance to scratches and breaks for exceptional durability
  • Suitable for roofs ranging between 15 and 85 degrees in pitch 
  • Easy, labor-saving, bracket-free installations
  • Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing varnished timbered
  • Low-emission, UV-protected panel glazing to eliminate risks associated with UV-rays
  • Argon-filled, dual-layered glass panels for exceptional thermal resistance for all seasons

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