BA-TBC T-Bar Ceiling Access Door

The BA-TBC T-Bar Ceiling Access Doors are the North American contractor's and builder professionals' best companions when constructing suspended or T-grid style ceilings. You can mostly see these ceiling types in hospital establishments, making BA-TBC a must-have to conceal ceiling fixtures in laboratories.

The BA-TBC access panel simply drops a 1″ steel stud grid for technicians, maintenance, and cleaning specialists to access the facilities and perform necessary actions efficiently. It also grants a double door with a removable middle bar that enables you to have a clear opening of 48" x 48". BA-TBC especially fits into elevated areas, like the hospital and lab's T-bar design and suspended ceilings.

The hospital and labs' long hours of operation turn your facility space into a mess quickly. Leaving it exposed can put your building, employees, and visitors at risk. Hence, it demands tight security and regular maintenance, and Best Access Doors' t-bar ceiling access panel can address those concerns.

DURABLE AND CORROSION-RESISTANT: The BA-TBC has a .063 lightweight aluminum component foundation from its door to its frame. Aluminum is a metal type famous for its versatility. It can withstand intense heat, preventing corrosion from penetrating your ceiling facilities and prolonging the ductwork and equipment's lasting value.

The application of the t-bar access door can finish in no time, standing true to the industry's claims of being the most straightforward suspended ceiling access panel to install. Your purchased package has mounting screws to ensure safe and secure ceiling fastening. You upgrade the tight attachment with an optional neoprene gasket or keyed locks.

The BA-TBC T-bar access door offers a neat white baked enamel finish on which the surface's paintable, allowing you to blend the panel following the theme of its environment.

Reasons to Get the BA-TBC

  • Clean Finish
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • Durable
  • Corrosion-Resistant

We at Best Access Doors are your best partners in finding the most suitable ceiling access doors and panels for your ceiling's unique needs or style preferences. Rely on our T-bar panel products to give your hospitals or labs handy equipment to protect ceiling facilities and secure building visitors from harmful falling debris. Reach us at 800-483-0823 to ask for a personalized quote request. For any product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy.