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Note that your building will have different building components that need fixing or maintaining from time to time. And since the components are behind surfaces like ceilings, they need to gain access to those hidden areas to do the necessary work. That’s where the BA-TBC comes in and provides easy access to those hard-to-reach areas. 

The unique BA-TBC Ceiling Access Door is a lightweight aluminum door that features a white baked enamel finish, a continuous piano hinge, and a flush stainless steel cam latch. 

It simply drops into a 1” T-Bar suspended ceiling grid with ease.

The T-Bar access door is made out of aluminum which makes it perfect for hospitals that have suspended or T-bar ceilings.

When you purchase this door, you have available options such as a neoprene gasket or keyed lock. Also included are mounting screws for safe and secure installation. If ordered with keyed locks, the T-bar access door comes with installed gasket and pre-installed key locks.

The BA-TBC Ceiling Access Door is the easiest suspended ceiling access panel to install in the industry.

Additional features of the ceiling access door include: 

Material: Aluminum Door & Frame

Lock/Latch: 4 x Flush stainless steel cams

Hinge: Continuous piano hinge

Finish: Powder coat white

You can get the BA-TBC in different sizes to ensure that it’ll fit on the ceiling opening as perfectly as possible. You can get in touch with us at (800) 483-0823 if you need more details about the product. Once you order from us, you should expect it to arrive within five business days!


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