BA-GSV Smoke Vent Galvanized  

Every commercial and industrial building must have fire vents to help release deadly smoke and gases during fire outbreaks. The BA-GSV Smoke Vent Galvanized can help you control your building's heat during fire incidents. It allows the smoke, gasses, and heat in smaller areas like stairwells and elevator shafts which is integral to any multi-story building. 

The BA-GSV is easy to install, and by following the guidelines on how to install the BA-GSV properly, you can ensure that the access door is leak-free and helps protect your roof and ceiling from deteriorating rapidly. With proper system spacing, the BA-GSV will not also affect your HVAC or solar panels installed on your building's roof.

The BA-GSV self-latching slam latch opens the single-leaf door automatically for quick and hassle-free access to releasing smoke and gases. It also has a 165° UL Listed Fusible Link and a Resettable McCabe link that automatically opens the access door if it detects extreme heat, heavy smoke, and fire.

The BA-GSV 's primary material is galvanized steel that can support a live load of 40lbs./sq. Ft. It also has a sealing gasket to provide a flush, tight fit, preventing any water from getting into the building.

Why Must You Install BA-GSV?

  • Installation
  • Accessibility
  • Durability 

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