BA-SRH - Roof Hatch for Security

The BA-SRH Roof Hatch for Security provides convenient, economical access to the roof of a building while adding a level of security. The heavy gauge materials used to manufacture this hatch are ideal for applications in banks, prisons, hospitals, and more.

First, the double-skin construction of the cover makes the BA-SRH perfect for your roof hatch. The cover is 10ga galvanized steel with an 18ga galvanized steel liner combined with a 10ga galvanized steel curb, allowing this access door to support a live load of 40lbs./sq. Ft.

Moreover, you won't have to sacrifice energy efficiency in your building as the cover and curb feature 1" Polyiso (R-6) insulation ensures you get an excellent thermal barrier between the inside and outside with the BA-SRH.

Keeping out wind, rain, and snow is another crucial feature of the BA-SRH. The continuous EPDM foam gasket on the cover guarantees a secure seal between the cover and curb to protect your building from the weather and drafts.

The BA-SRH also features a heavy-duty detention lock with a paracentric key that creates its first barrier against forced access to keep your building secure. Moreover, it also has padlock provisions inside and outside to add one more layer of security to this roof hatch.

Lastly, you'll easily open the BA-SRH, as it includes gas spring operators. The BA-SRH also includes a stainless Steel inside pull handle that allows easy control when closing the cover.

How You Benefit from the BA-SRH

  • Excellent Durability 
  • Security
  • Ergonomic

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