Do you need construction materials that will protect your building components? You should highly consider getting the BA-UHF-SS, which is an access panel designed to look aesthetically pleasing on non-rated surfaces. Contractors won’t take a long time installing it because the access door’s design can offer easy installation. 

You can find that it has a special European type hinge that allows the door, with its beveled edges, to close over the flange thus avoiding additional labor to mud or plaster the flange. We also offer the product in different lock/latch variants to ensure it protects your building components from unauthorized personnel. Examples of locks and latches to choose from include:

  • Screwdriver operated cam latch
  • Key operated cylinder cam latch
  • Hex head cam latch
  • Pinned hex head cam latch 
  • Mortise deadbolt lock
  • Slide latch

Lastly, you can choose between the CTR without gasket or CTR Neoprene gasket for your BA-UHF-SS if you plan to install it on specific areas. 

We offer all standard sizes for your commercial, industrial, and residential project needs. Feel free to call us anytime at (800) 483-0823 if you need Best Access Doors to supply the BA-UHF-SS for your construction project.