Aesthetic Access Door with Hidden Flange and Gasket

Best Access Doors BA-UHF-G Aesthetic Access Door with Hidden Flange and Gasket is ideal for multiple non-rated applications, providing tremendous value to construction professionals. Whether you are a plumbing expert, veteran contractor, HVAC specialist, or master electrician, this universal access panel unifies all professions with its utility and suitability for various applications within non-rated drywall and masonry structures.

BA-UHF-G is the ideal solution for refining unsightly internal components that deviate from the craftsmanship and décor of your projects. This convenient access panel enhances applications without the need for extensive labor.

The flat face of this flush access panel features no hinges or latches to maintain an unobstructed wall or ceiling surface for another stunning finish for the portfolio.

Why Choose BA-UHF-G?  

Labor Saving Design: BA-UHF-G embeds into walls without mud or plaster. With its hidden flange, BA-UHF-G rests flush within walls or ceilings, with minimal tools and effort, for maximum results.

Contemporary Aesthetics: This access panel maintains an elegant, modern look with beveled edges for a seamless blend with its surroundings while being a joy to operate.

Exclusive Pantograph Hinge: This model's entire hinge offers smooth and easy operation and controlled adjustable angles, ideal for applications with cramped space.

Dependable and Durable: BA-UHF-G is crafted of durable 16-gauge steel, which is resistant to rust, corrosion, and moisture.

Reduced Draft Airflow: BA-UHF-G's flush-to-frame door is enhanced by neoprene gaskets adhered to its cover, reducing draft airflow between panel and frame, with slight acoustic resistance.

Installs Within Minutes: The BA-UHF-G has a hidden flange of 1-½ "for easy fitting and installation placement within minutes! 

BA-UHF-G's pantograph hinge offers a range of benefits, from aesthetic to functional. This model provides the freedom of smooth operation during inspections and maintenance, with the ability to adjust its opening angle.

Enjoy enhanced aesthetics with the ultimate space-saving solution, BA-UHF-G Aesthetic Access Panel with Gasket by Best Access Doors!

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