Fire Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange – Stainless Steel 
The BA-PFI-SS Fire Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange – Stainless Steel offers a low-profile solution for integrating discreet access points into fire-rated walls and ceilings. Its exposed flange simplifies installation while maintaining a clean aesthetic. 
This model's design meets the rigorous demands of modern construction projects; this access door combines fire safety, insulation, and ease of installation in one innovative package.  
Whether you're a seasoned construction professional, an architect with an eye for detail, or a general contractor seeking top-notch solutions, the BA-PFI-SS will exceed your expectations. This model is ideal for:

  • Concealment of Electrical Panels: The BA-PFI-SS provides discreet access for electrical maintenance and troubleshooting while maintaining fire compartmentation. 
  • Plumbing Access: Enables convenient access points for plumbing lines and valves located behind fire-rated walls. 
  • Conditioned Space Inspection: The BA-PFI-SS insulation helps maintain thermal efficiency while facilitating visual inspections of building systems within fire-rated assemblies. 
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for applications in mechanical rooms, electrical closets, attics, basements, and other locations requiring fire-rated access with a clean, low-profile design.

Take a Closer Look at BA-PFI-SS 
Superior Fire Protection: The BA-PFI-SS surpasses code requirements with impressive fire ratings and mineral wool insulation, potentially minimizing property damage and safeguarding occupants. 
Effortless Installation: The exposed flange simplifies integration into fire-rated assemblies for the BA-PFI-SS, saving you time and labour on-site.

Clean & Germ-Free Aesthetic: BA-PFI-SS ensures a seamless look with stainless-steel construction, eliminating unsightly gaps and promoting hygiene.

Durable Performance: Built to last, the BA-PFI-SS boasts long-lasting galvanized steel construction.

Peace of Mind with Functionality: The BA-PFI-SS prioritizes fire safety with a spring-loaded closer while facilitating easy access for maintenance. This model reduces long-term costs through early detection and streamlined repairs. 
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