BA-AS-9000 Gasketed Access Door

For a tight gasketed fit in commercial walls or ceilings, choose Best Access Doors’ BA-AS-9000 Gasketed Access Door – one of our specialty models well-suited for clean rooms, laboratories, and operating rooms. This steel access door has Pemko S88 adhesive-back silicone gasketing installed with a formed door leaf with reinforced hinges and a concealed hinge for a snug fit between the door and frame. 

Why Choose BA-AS900 Gasketed Access Door?

Tight Gasketing: This gasketed access door is suited for wall and ceiling installation where air penetration testing is not required.
Lots of Latch Options: BA-AS-9000 comes standard with a stainless-steel screwdriver-operated cam latch; Ask us about optional cylinder lock & key, Allen head cam latch, and spanner head cam latch options.
Solid Construction: BA-AS-9000 has an 18-gauge steel door and mounting frame with a 1” flange and a 5-stage iron phosphate steel with a prime coat of white alkyd baked-on enamel. If you are looking for stainless steel, let us know!

Important Note!

Although this door is gasketed, the BA-AS-9000 has not been tested for air penetration. If that’s a feature you need, please consider our BA-ADWT-SS model.

To order BA-AS-9000, choose the size best suited to your space or let us know, and we can customize a solution for you! Call us: 1-800-483-0823 to get started.