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Here at Best Access Doors, we aim to provide the quality products you need for any project necessities. One of our best products is the BA-FRI-SS Fire Rated Access Panel Insulated in Stainless Steel. This access door is both practical and ascetically pleasing thanks to its continuous piano hinge, steel frame, and self-closing and self-locking mechanism for easy access on either side.
Contractors across North America prefer the BA-FRI-SS because of its easy access to electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and other fixtures inside your fire-rated walls or ceilings. The BA-FRI-SS offers a 16-gauge cold-rolled steel frame and 20-gauge galvanneal steel door, 2-inch mineral wool for fire-rated insulation, a continuous piano hinge, an inside panel release standard on all doors over 12" x 12". As an added benefit, this access door also provides an easy to operate automatic panel closer (which is standard on all FRI-SS doors). This access door is finished with DuPont's high-quality white powder coat, which you can paint right after installation is complete!
For installation in vertical wall assemblies, the FRI-SS insulated access door has a fire rating of up to 3 hours. Whereas, for installation in horizontal ceilings, the fire rating measures up to 3 hours in noncombustible construction and a 1-hour fire rating incombustible structure. We also offer a wide variety of custom latch options. For the FRI-SS, the door comes standard with a ring/tool key operated slam latch and can also be equipped with a key-operated cylinder cam latch, 4" handle operated slam latch, hex head slam latch, and mortise slam latch.
Our fire-rated access panels are made of high-quality materials and meet NFPA standards. Another benefit of installing our FRI-SS fire-rated door is that it can contribute directly to a project's ability to achieve LEED certification in new construction and significant renovations such as schools and commercial interiors.
Material: 20-gauge stainless steel door and 16-gauge stainless steel frame
Hinge: Continuous piano hinge. Hinge location: Hinges must be located on the second dimension (height).
Locking mechanism: Self-latching tool-key operated slam latch and ring operated slam latch, both included.
Flange: 1" exposed flange
Frame: 2½" in-depth, made of stainless steel
Rough opening: Door sizes + ¼" or + 6mm
Insulation: 2" thick fire-rated mineral wool
Inside panel release: Mechanisms to allow panels to open from inside, standard on all doors over 12" X 12 inches.
Finish: Stainless steel 304 #4 (brushed finish)
Fire-rated access doors, for vertical use, are subject to the following:
Vertical wall assemblies
Certification: UL 10B (2009), NFPA 252 (2012), CAN/ULC S104 (R1985), CAN/ULC S104 (2010).
Rating Achieved: 3 hours, neutral/negative pressure
Maximum size: 48" x 48" (1219mm x 1219mm), the top area of 2304 in², tolerance on height and width limitation is more or less 3" (76mm) as long as the area does not exceed 2304 in².
Temperature rise: 250°F (121°C) after 30 minutes and 450°F (232°C) after 60 minutes.
Fire-rated access doors, for horizontal use, are subject to the following:
Horizontal ceiling assemblies
We can manufacture various custom sizes and ship in as little as five days!
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