Maintenance personnel will need access to the different large building components. In some cases, they won't have any other option but to break the wall or ceiling surface to access the component since there’s no other way to access them. Fortunately, you can install the Metal Air Handler Access Door built specifically for air handler units and other HVAC applications. 

Usually, clients get the HVAC-MAH since it’s a custom oversized version of the BA-AHD. It also has similarities as the LHD-1 from Cendrex, and the HVAC-MAH uses it as a base design. The specifications of the access door include:

  • Continuous piano hinge
  • 16-gauge cold-rolled steel
  • 1" exposed flange
  • The frame has a depth of 2½" and also manufactured in cold rolled steel
  • The door opening has a rough opening of + ¼" or + 6mm
  • It comes in a high-quality white powder coat primer finish
  • Key-operated cylinder cam latch with two keys per lock

If you need the HVAC-MAH for your future construction projects or have questions about it, contact Best Access Doors today at (800) 483-0823.