If you need a recessed panel door that can flawlessly blend on any surface, you can never go wrong with the BA-DW-5015 Recessed Access Door with Drywall Bead Flange.

The BA-DW-5015 is recessed 5/8" to receive drywall and is designed meticulously for flush installation in drywall surfaces when it is required to conceal the door panel. The flange of the door is a textured galvanized steel taping bead with pre-punched holes. Drywall compound is applied over the beading at the same time the drywall joints are finished.


MATERIAL: Steel Door 22 gauge
DOOR: Recessed 5/8"
DOOR FRAME: Galvanized steel drywall taping bead on all sides
HINGE: Concealed.
STANDARD LATCH: Slot Screwdriver operated cam latch
OPTIONAL LATCHES/LOCKS: Cylinder lock and key, Allen head cam latch, spanner head cam latch
FINISH: Satin coat steel

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