Does your commercial building need a reliable and secure floor hatch that can allow maintenance personnel to access cables and wires underneath the flooring easily? The BA-RAFL Recessed Aluminum Floor Hatch, the North American builder's favorite, is here to grant you a practical entry point between interior floors.

With the BA-RAFL floor hatch, maintenance, repairs, and cleaning work for your mechanical, electrical, or plumbing system beneath your floor coverings can finish in no time. It provides your hired personnel with a much more convenient entryway to your commercial building's pipes and vessels, keeping the ductwork tidy to prevent tremendous and expensive damages in the future.

The BA-RAFL recessed aluminum floor hatch gives you numerous recess depth choices. Your regular floor access door purchase comes with a standard 1/4" recess. However, to address your project's necessities, you can optionally buy other recess options from 1/8", 3/8", 1/2", to 3/4".

Best Access Doors' RAFL recessed panel exhibits a rough opening that can accommodate all types of floor coverings even with up 3/4" thickness. Its aluminum diamond plate requires about 2" exposed flange as well.

This aluminum-based floor hatch has the design capacity to support about 300 pounds/sq. foot live load. It also contains a handy hold open arm designed to maintain the open position of your floor access door. In addition, it grants you a 4" removable lock and latch handle.

The Best Access Doors RAFL aluminum floor hatch is the maintenance specialists and cleaning workers' best companion to enter your building's facilities quickly. It offers a visually and equally practical floor access panel that neatly places between the interior floors of your establishments, supporting all floor coverings types with thicknesses up to 3/4". Furthermore, it can uphold a live load of about 300 pounds/sq. foot.

Reasons to Get the BA-RAFL

  • Easy Access
  • Various Recess Depth Options
  • Excellent Live Load Capacity

We at Best Access Doors are your best partners in finding sturdy and handy floor hatches to install on your commercial buildings. Rely on our products to give you practicality and elegance hand-in-hand. Reach us at 800-483-0823 to ask for a personalized quote request. For any product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy.