Domed Double Smoke Vent – Steel Curb & Aluminum Cover  

Elevate the safety standards of your buildings with BA-RVFV Domed Double Smoke Vent – Steel Curb & Aluminum Cover by Best Access Doors! Designed for durability and aesthetics, it ensures superior smoke control and ventilation during fire incidents. BA-RVFV opens automatically with a UL-listed, fusible link, rigorously tested and certified for your peace of mind. This model's spring-assisted panel doors are responsive in the face of forces up to 40 pounds per square foot.

BA-RVFV maximizes your value and utility, complete with acrylic glass domes allowing more sunlight to dark workplaces and better thermal resistance, potentially reducing energy costs and maximizing efficiency.

Take a Closer Look at BA-RVFV  

  • Automatically opening door covers with the use of a fusible link
  • Acrylic glass panels allow more sunlight into your buildings
  • Bulb neoprene gaskets for air and weathertight construction
  • Aluminum and steel construction for maximum durability
  • Double-leaf design for maximum ventilation area in the case of emergencies
  • Aesthetic design for a variety of applications

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