BA-LDR Ladder Extension for Roof Hatches

Do you need convenient vertical access to the highest point of your building, like rooftops or roof decks? Save yourself from pointless searching with the North American builder's favorite choice from Best Access Doors, the BA-LDR Ladder Extension for Roof Hatch styled in a handy modular design that makes installation seamless and instant.

Experts designed the BA-LDR ladder extension for roof hatch to give other authorized personnel an effortless vertical entryway to specific steep areas in your commercial establishment, such as rooftops, roof decks, and more. Moreover, thanks to the ladder's expansible feature, you can instantly reach the highest point of your building.

Builders, maintenance specialists, cleaning workers, and other relevant personnel need an easy and practical entry point to take the necessary action in the steep area of your building. Your installed roof hatch requires an assistant to allow you to go in and out quickly, and that's what BA-LDR's handy modular pull-up loop design can deliver. 

Best Access Doors' roof hatch ladder extension is famous for its durable and steady construction built with steel-based materials. More importantly, it contains non-slip rungs ensuring tight footholds and handholds grip.

When installing the BA-LDR, it requires no special tools. On top of that, it permits on-site assembling, proving the convenience of its installation process. Additionally, it features a hinged gate that can store the steel ladder neatly.

For safety and security, Best Access Doors' BA-LDR showcases a yellow-painted finish that's always visible to the naked eye no matter how dark the area turns. Optionally, you can also get it in galvanized finish.

Make your instant roof hatch access much more convenient to climb in and out of high sites, especially with Best Access Doors' BA-LDR Ladder Extension. Guarantee safety and easy access for hired maintenance and cleaning specialists to finish essential tasks on time, avoiding further damage to the establishment's operation. This steel ladder is your best vertical weapon for every steep area in your commercial building.

Why Choose the BA-LDR 

  • Effortless Vertical Access
  • Secure Steel Ladder
  • Easy to Install and Store

At Best Access Doors, we are your best partners in finding safe and secure ladder extensions suitable to attach to your commercial buildings' roof hatch. Rely on our products to give you economical and dependable steel ladders. Reach us at 800-483-0823 to ask for a personalized quote request. For any product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy.