Stainless Steel Equipment Hatch – Double Leaf 

Are you tired of struggling with rooftop equipment access? It's time to experience rooftop access like never before with BA-BRHES-D Stainless Steel Equipment Hatch – Double Leaf! Best Access Doors offers this model in various larger standard sizes, giving you ample space to transport equipment effortlessly to and from the job site. With its extra-large double-leaf design, BA-BRHES-D offers ample clearance, effortlessly accommodating even the bulkiest equipment.

Engineered and optimized by the experts at Best Access Doors, this equipment hatch is designed for hassle-free installations and smooth operation. Its gas-spring dampers ensure consistent and controlled lift assistance, allowing you to open it with just one hand. No more wrestling with heavy hatches! And the automatic hold-open arms take convenience to a whole new level.

Get To Know BA-BRHES-D  

  • Larger opening for generous clearance space and double-leaf design to maneuver within
  • Gas-spring, lift-assisted doors for one-handed operation
  • Easy installations with mounting tabs and counterflashing
  • 1" Polystyrene and fiberboard insulation for enhanced thermal resistance
  • Durable 14-gauge, weather-sealed construction
  • Adds loadbearing reinforcement of up to 40psf once installed

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Simply choose the size that suits you best, and if you have product-related questions, custom requests, or would like to make a large order, connect with us at any time at (800)-483-0823.