Watertight Floor Hatch with H20 Loading 


  • Watertight and corrosion-resistant design. 
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability. 
  • Easy and intuitive door operation. 
  • Meets AASHTO specification H20-44. 
  • Optional electric actuator for convenience. 

Best Access Doors proudly presents the BA-WTFD-H20 Watertight Floor Hatch with H20 Loading for quick and easy access in commercial construction projects! 

Why Do Construction Professionals Love the BA-WTFD-H20? 

Heavy-Duty Construction: The door features a reinforced 1/4" aluminum diamond plate that can handle up to 16000 lb. wheel load over 10" x 20" with a 30% added loading margin for impact resistance. Meeting AASHTO specification H20-44-wheel loads, it's ideal for off-street applications. 

Strong Corrosion Resistance: Crafted with an aluminum door and frame, stainless steel hinges, and hardware, this access door is built to resist corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability in various environments. 

Unparalleled Protection: The watertight design, channel frame with 1 1/2" drainage coupling, and integral anchor flange provide excellent water and dirt ingress protection, keeping your workspace safe and dry. 

Intuitive Opening Mechanism: Stainless steel compression springs ease the lifting of the door, while the automatic hold-open arm ensures effortless door operation. For added convenience, you can opt for an electric actuator with this access door. 

Durability and Accessibility: The BA-WTFD-H20 is designed with durability and accessibility in mind, making it the perfect floor panel for any commercial construction project. 

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