BA-IG-MAG-C24 - 24" x 8" Invisagrille Flush Removable Cold Air Return Cover

BA-IG-MAG-CA24 - 24" x 8" Invisagrille Flush Removable Cold Air Return Cover is ideal for maximizing the efficiency of your cold air return systems. With over 77 square inches of open area, 33 horizontal slots angled to 20 degrees, and suitability for installation near ceilings or floors, we have built BA-IG-MAG-C24 to maximize the health of your HVAC systems. This model's fiber-reinforced structure offers greater durability, as it is water, mold, moisture, and fire resistant!

Why Invest in BA-IG-MAG-C24?

  • Non-flammable, reinforced fiber construction
  • 20-degree fixed angled slots for enhanced airflow
  • Removable vent cover for easier cleaning inspections and maintenance
  • Water, mold, and moisture resistance
  • Improved HVAC system performance
  • Installs in ½" thick drywall for embedded finish

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