BA-FD2RF 2-Hour Fire-Rated Recessed Flange Access Panel for Walls and Ceilings  

Access solutions are crucial for fire safety compliance, as building codes mandate fire-rated panels in specific walls and ceilings. Balancing functionality with aesthetics is essential, and easy-to-install solutions can achieve both. They reduce labor costs during construction and allow for hassle-free repairs without damaging the surrounding wall or ceiling. The BA-FD2RF 2-Hour Fire-Rated Recessed Flange Access Panel for Walls and Ceilings prioritizes these aspects, ensuring fire safety compliance, a clean aesthetic, and cost savings.  

The BA-FD2RF is a fire-rated access panel that blends seamlessly into walls and ceilings, offering functionality and aesthetics. Its streamlined design eliminates the need for visible trim, reducing installation time and labor costs.  

The panel is NFPA compliant and has a 2-hour fire rating, providing critical protection during a fire. The panel's unique recessed flange design simplifies installation, resulting in faster completion times for contractors and less project disruption. The panel is built with galvanized steel or stainless-steel options and offers long-lasting performance with a self-closing hinge and high-temperature insulation.  

Why Should You Use the BA-FD2RF?  

  • Uncompromised Fire Rating: The BA-FD2RF is NFPA-compliant and carries a 2-hour fire rating, ensuring it meets fire safety regulations and safeguards your building in case of a fire.  
  • Maintains a Polished Look: The BA-FD2RF features a recessed flange design that creates a trim-less appearance, integrating seamlessly into your walls and ceilings for a clean and professional finish.  
  • Faster Installation, Lower Costs: Time is money during construction. The BA-FD2RF's innovative recessed flange design simplifies installation, potentially reducing labor costs and keeping your project on schedule.  
  • Long-Term Durability: Built with tough galvanized steel or stainless steel, the BA-FD2RF offers lasting performance. The self-closing hinge and high-temperature insulation guarantee the panel functions effectively even under extreme heat conditions.  

Achieve peace of mind with a fire rating and a touch of elegance. The BA-FD2RF fire-rated access panel isn't just about functionality—it offers an aesthetic solution. This easy-to-install panel boasts a 2-hour fire rating and a clean, trim-less design, guaranteeing code compliance and a polished look on your walls and ceilings.  

Prioritize safety, save on installation, and elevate your design—choose BA-FD2RF, the perfect harmony of fire protection and aesthetics. Connect with us to request a quote or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.