How to Save Electricity for Commercial Buildings Today's Age

How to Save Electricity for Commercial Buildings Today's Age

Posted by Best Access Doors on 6th Jan 2021

Employees, staff, and workers are inside commercial buildings working day and night tirelessly to profit from their business. Most of the time, these buildings are operating every day to generate as much revenue as they can. It means that the building consumes electricity ten times more than the usual household.

Commercial building owners should always look for several ways to cut down electricity consumption. They can cut down costly expenses, thus giving them more money to spend on other vital parts of the building. If you happen to own or run a commercial building, here are a few practical ways to reduce your electricity bills.

Keep an Eye Out for Your HVAC

Large commercial buildings will always have an HVAC system installed to keep the building interior cooled at all times. Most areas inside the commercial buildings are kept cool because of the several pieces of equipment they need for work, such as computers and data banks. These are usually working 24/7, which means it can overheat without an efficient cooling system.

Over time, the HVAC may run into several problems that can stop it from operating correctly. The most common HVAC issues you will encounter are dirty air filters or a damaged condenser unit. These problems can cause the HVAC to work twice as much to get the building's right temperature. The best way to ensure it doesn't bring you any unforeseen problems is to have it checked and maintained at least twice a month. Technicians will check every HVAC component and tell you whether it needs repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

Take Note of Insulation

The best way to keep the inside of your building cool without using electricity is through the use of insulation. It is inexpensive, ensuring that any commercial building can afford it without it being too heavy on their expenses. Proper insulation of a building can lead to a significant decrease in electricity consumption since people won't have any issues with the building's temperature.

It also means they won't have to use too many cooling appliances to keep themselves from sweating or uncomfortable working. Insulation works for both cooling and heating, so you also don't have to worry about keeping the interior warm during cold weather. The usual places where contractors can insulate are the electrical outlets and HVAC ducts.

Imposing Strict Rules of Using Appliances

In some cases, employees may use many unnecessary appliances in one go. Even something as leaving the fan on when leaving the break room or forgetting to unplug unused computers can already add up to your electricity bill. The best way to help them remember to unplug them is by imposing strict rules.

Some commercial buildings set up fines for employees who fail to unplug any unused gadget or appliance in the office. You can even hold a short seminar to teach them the importance of unplugging appliances when they are not in use. It is a simple task any employee or worker can do, yet it is the best form of saving electricity.

Adding Access Doors

Another effective way of keeping unauthorized access to electrical systems is to install access doors that can hide essential building parts and systems. Today, there are many access doors that you can include in your construction projects. At Best Access Doors, you can find a wide selection of access doors from drywall access doors, attic access doors, HVAC, ducts to fire-rated access doors suitable for keeping electrical equipment and systems.

You can also give your maintenance personnel easy access whenever you need your HVAC maintained by purchasing HVAC access doors and panels. If you need to buy it from a reliable company, you can choose Best Access Doors.