How Often Should You Service Your HVAC System

How Often Should You Service Your HVAC System

Posted by Best Access Doors on 1st Apr 2020

There are a ton of commercial buildings that have an HVAC system installed. Facilities must have an HVAC system installed because commercial buildings usually have multiple floors filled with employees and other people working. The primary responsibility of this system is to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature for people inside.

With that said, you should know when to service your air conditioning system in your commercial building. If you're new to HVAC servicing, you can continue reading this article to understand how it gets adequately serviced and when you should do it.

When is the Right Time to Service an HVAC System?

If you want to ensure your HVAC system keeps functioning for many years, you should consider servicing it annually.

Access panels for HVAC installations usually consist of an integral frame and a hinged door. Installing said access panel at the central sheet metal duct makes periodic system cleaning and maintenance easy. You'll be glad to have the HVAC-MAH access panel installed for this task. With the HVAC-MAH, you can have full access to more sizable components of your ventilation system without breaking the wall or ceiling surface.

During installation, cutting an opening in the duct is required. If you want an efficient and safe installation process, always follow the manufacturer's instructions before starting the job.

How do Technicians Usually do HVAC Maintenance?

There are various steps that a professional HVAC technician does to keep an HVAC system in top condition. If you don't know what they are, you should expect them to do several services:

  • Visual Inspection - Technicians need to see the entire system before they do any repairs or maintenance. Thankfully, this process becomes easy to complete with the HVAC-HDI access door. Not only will you have unrestricted access to the ventilation components, but you'll also maintain your building's fire code standards.
  • Air Filter Replacement - This is one part of the HVAC system that needs regular maintenance. Failing to clean the dirty air filters can lead to a disastrous fire, especially if it's a grease filter. You can rely on grease duct panels, such as the BA-GDD, to easily clean or replace air filters.
  • Coil Cleaning - These are what you would call the evaporator and condenser coils. If you need a bit of explanation on what they are, an evaporator and condenser coil is what handle different sides of the cooling cycle. Keeping both clean is essential to maintaining the efficiency of your ventilation system.
  • Condenser Unit - This part of the system is where most cooling magic happens. As the name states, it condenses a gaseous substance into a liquid form through the cooling process. The technician will ensure this part of the system gets thoroughly checked to avoid any irregularities when it's already working. 

You may have noticed a trend with HVAC maintenance. It's essential to have access doors installed to have unparalleled access to the components, making cleaning and repairs faster.

Why Regularly Servicing Commercial HVAC Systems is a Must

Knowing how often you should service your HVAC system can help you become more efficient at maintaining the different approaches around your commercial building. Moreover, it becomes a requirement for any commercial kitchens to clean their ventilation systems regularly through grease ducts such as the BA-AA. Without regular cleaning, the grease build-up in the duct system becomes a more significant fire hazard.

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